Life is not a mistake it's an experience for you to live once

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July 17, 2014 

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Take Me Home

Little Things

Live While We’re Young

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Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories

You & I

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Midnights Memories

Story Of My Life

Best Song Ever

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We all know what that fucking sign means! #HarryStyles =)

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Sorry for not being active lately, I’ve been so busy with work and some personal shit! but I’ll be back soon love ya

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» A mix featuring songs tweeted by Harry Styles

"She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time, I’ve got a new job now on the unemployment line"

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hey girl just wanna ask you who do ship exactly and why do you hate Larry that much?

I ship them all you name it but I prefer #Zarry I think it’s hot lol ;)

just my opinion ;)!

      *Sigh* About Larry, OMG that’s not true! I never hated Larry. Actually, I was a Larry shipper my self at some point, but when it got really dramatic and the people started really to bully each other asses for no REAL reason! also, when you say your personal opinion about a certain thing and stating that “I love them as a Bromance” they’re like “NO WE SHIP THEM AS A ROMANCE” and I’m like “chillax dude”!

      The thing is, I never hated Larry -as a ship-. Actually, I think they are cute, but people are pushing them so hard! If you believe in something, it will eventually proves it self by time. Let’s just wait and see ‘K? and don’t go like “Larry is real bitches!” who did ever say it’s not? it’s real as long as it’s just for fun and friendship. That’s what I believed in, and some Larry shippers were too mad at me bc of that ( when I really don’t give a fuck about what they think ;) )

       Piece of advice, people should think of the word SHIPPING as for fun only don’t ever take seriously ‘K? the real world is way too different than internet

         I just hope that I’ve delivered my personal opinion perfectly ;)

Have a good day\night ;)

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More zarry pleasssseeeee you are off lately

cause I was busy with my work lately but I promise more zarry and some cool stuff thanks xxx

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Which one smells better? Our or that moment?

both great really

but ummm tbh I loved our moment more

for me I don’t know about you gues ;)

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haha great never cared any ways ;)

thank you for hopping by