Life is not a mistake it's an experience for you to live once

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Yes, Zayn, I love you.❞  +


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He’s definitely my favourite

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I have so much fucking respect for Zayn Malik


All he did was tweet the hashtag #FreePalestine. But that support means more than anything else in the world. He sees what’s going on. He sees the massacre and he knows he has a platform and he used it to speak up for what he knows is wrong. He knows that celebrities get HELL for showing even a…

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Brighter than the sun
Today Zayn Jawad Malik made history…
Cause he stood in front of everyone to speak what has in his heart\mind.
Not giving a mother fuck of what anyone would say!
TWO WORDS were enough to make the internet flip out.
TWO WORDS were enough to make half of the world hate him.
TWO WORDS brought tears of joy on the other half in first day of their Eid.
TWO WORDS flow back and forth between two worlds.
TWO WORDS make alot of so called people accusing him of being a terrorist or “Zerrorist”!
TWO WORDS were the easy breeze on those who are dying daily.
TWO WORDS were never been “Happy Eid” because he knew it was never a celebration!
It was simply
asking for

ZAYM MALIK you gain my respect
The tweet

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July 17, 2014 

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Take Me Home

Little Things

Live While We’re Young

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Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories

You & I

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Midnights Memories

Story Of My Life

Best Song Ever

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We all know what that fucking sign means! #HarryStyles =)

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Sorry for not being active lately, I’ve been so busy with work and some personal shit! but I’ll be back soon love ya

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» A mix featuring songs tweeted by Harry Styles

"She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time, I’ve got a new job now on the unemployment line"